Repeat entrepreneur Edward Dovner holds a long track record of founding companies, building them to profitability, and then selling them in order to move onto the next project. With considerable experience in a wide variety of industries and a knack for invention, Edward Dovner continues to expand his portfolio of current and former companies with his recent foray into the portable fitness equipment industry. This company’s inaugural launch involves the AB Machine, and upcoming products will include a fully portable travel gym, which will fit into a small suitcase and enable the owner to achieve a complete workout, including bench presses, curls, shoulder shrugs, and other exercises.

Concurrent to his work in the portable fitness equipment industry, Mr. Dovner is also making breakthroughs in bicycle design. Through another company, Dovner plans to release Bike in the Air, a product that he invented himself. Bike in the Air is an easily storable bicycle, perfect for individuals who have limited storage space for sports equipment. Supported by commercial and infomercial advertising campaigns, Bike in the Air will be released for sale in 2011.

Before entering the realm of fitness equipment, Edward Dover started, owned, and operated several other successful businesses, including Northeast Gourmet Coffee. After conducting research into the commodities exchange, Ed Dovner judged coffee to be a particularly recession-proof commodity and acted upon this assessment to enter the roasted coffee industry. Before he sold the business, Northeast Gourmet Coffee was generating millions of dollars in revenues through coffee distribution sales to offices, supermarkets, and restaurants.

Edward Dovner’s other entrepreneurial projects include an honor snack company, which served as his first business. Prior to founding his own companies, Edward Dovner worked for Metropolitan Life Insurance Company (MetLife) and The Westin Diplomat Resort & Spa.